#11 Navigating the New Normal With OCD – Real Therapy Session Part 4 of 4 w/ Liz

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In this episode patient “Liz” goes into detail about her current opportunities to practice coping techniques for OCD and anxiety, particularly around the COVID crisis. This is the fourth and final episode of a four-part series following “Liz”’s progress. In this interview, “Liz” covers such timely topics as noticing when food planning shifts into OCD territory, shifting from panic to opportunity, and navigating social distancing when you feel over-responsible for others. They also discuss Dr. Witkin’s insights and how learning about others’ experiences of OCD has made “Liz” feel less alone.

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1:26 Adapting to the new normal

1:54 Noticing when planning becomes compulsive

6:38 Liz describes the physical sensations of a “not just right” feeling

7:38 Shifting from panic to opportunity

11:36 Why exposure therapy to a single trigger can help your anxiety across the board

16:07 Navigating the added emotional and logistical challenges of social distancing

20:24 You are not alone: common patterns in OCD

27:18 How to push past perfectionism and get started on projects

31:20 Why healing is an act of courage

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