#4 Identifying & Overcoming Compulsive Thoughts w/”Sophie” – Anxiety and OCD Patient Part 1 of 4

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Welcome to our first real therapy session episode featuring a real client who we will refer to as “Sophie”. This is part 1 of a 4 part series that will also feature Dr. Reid Wilson (Director of the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Center) as our expert consultant in helping “Sophie” deal with and overcome her anxiety and OCD.

In this episode we discuss the difference between OCD and Anxiety, how biological vulnerabilities can play a part, helpful frameworks for dealing with these issues, the power of exposures and so much more!

If you or anyone you know suffers from anxiety and/or OCD we think you will not only enjoy this episode but come away with multiple effective and actionable strategies for dealing with and thriving through these seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to Tell Me What You’re Proud Of via email or on social media! @TellMeWhatYoureProudOf and @DrMaggiePerry

NOTE: All names, identifying characteristics, voices, details, etc have been changed to protect the identity of “Sophie”

0:45 Why Sophie sought psychotherapy

3:00 OCD vs anxiety

8:00 Sophie overcoming fears to seek therapy

9:30 OCD and anxiety disorders are biological vulnerabilities

10:45 The framework that has helped Sophie

14:30 Sophie’s process for overcoming OCD so far

15:45 How Sophie knows what’s active & what to do about it

17:45 Sophie’s experiencing dealing with OCD

21:00 Intensity of thoughts in OCD

22:30 Felt reasonable to do compulsions

26:15 Recognizing she is having anxious/OCD thoughts

27:30 How to do exposures & what drives her to do it

31:30 Exposures that help Sophie most

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