#7 Life Is a Work in Progress – Real Therapy Session Part 4 of 4 w/ Dr. Reid Wilson, Director of the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Center

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Welcome to our third and final session with real patient “Sophie.” This is part 4 of a 4-part series featuring Dr. Reid Wilson (Director of the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Center) as our expert consultant in helping “Sophie” deal with and overcome her anxiety and OCD.

In this episode we discuss the difference between functional and distress-related goals, redirecting attention to avoid compulsions, staying productive when anxious, how holding onto process can help us hold onto hope, and so much more!

If you or anyone you know suffers from anxiety and/or OCD we think you will not only enjoy this episode but come away with multiple effective and actionable strategies for dealing with and thriving through these seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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2:10 Paying attention to the process rather than content

3:00 Sophie developing new compulsions

6:00 If she holds onto the process, she holds onto hope/humor

7:30 Compassion for herself in believing she has OCD

8:00 Small, subtle compulsions fuel OCD

11:45 Difference between functional vs distress-related goals

19:30 Going from conceptual thinking about goals to putting them into practice

23:30 How Sophie feels when she avoids compulsions

24:30 Redirecting attention to avoid compulsion

27:00 What Sophie does to be productive when anxious

29:30 Sophie’s next goals

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