#9 The Magic of Metaphors – Real Therapy Session Part 2 of 4 w/ Liz

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In this episode patient “Liz” comes into present time, going into detail about her current opportunities to practice coping techniques for OCD and anxiety, particularly around procrastination and perfectionism. This is the second episode of a four-part series, and in this interview Liz shares some of the tools that have helped her live a more fulfilling and productive life, such as using metaphors to maintain self-awareness, the power of labeling feelings, and practicing self-compassion.

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3:21 Learning to become aware of physical cues that a thought or feeling is OCD

5:25 Self-trust: how to build it up, not erode it

6:26 How labeling feelings can help build self-trust

7:36 How metaphors can help you step outside of the process and become conscious of it

10:40 How shame can hinder healing

11:00 A hallmark of OCD: not wanting others to feel hurt

11:56 The healing power of self-compassion

13:06 Two ways that over-responsibility shows up in OCD

14:36 How to move out of shame and into kindness and self-compassion

15:23 How to overcome the “turtling” instinct

16:08 How adding “and that’s OK” can help transform negative self-talk into acceptance

20:16 Maggie sums up the strides Liz has made

24:53 How shifting attitudes around anxiety can decrease anxiety about anxiety

26:07 Self-care during COVID

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