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#2 Finding Freedom From Your Anxious Mind w/Dr. Martin Seif founder of Anxiety+Depression Foundation

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Dr. Martin Seif ( is the founder of the Anxiety and Depression Foundation of America (, a foundation established in 1979 that advocates for and creates awareness of conditions and disorders related to anxiety and depression. Dr. Seif has created many innovative therapy techniques to combat and manage disorders such as panic disorders, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other specific phobias. As a lecturer at the American Psychological Association, The International Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation, and The Anxiety and Depression Association, Dr. Seif wears many hats and has touched the lives of many. Through “Freedom to Fly” (, an airport-based program, Dr. Seif helped hundreds of individuals with fear of flying overcome their phobias and worked with more “fearful fliers” than any other clinician in the United States. Dr. Martin Seif holds many credentials, both personal and professional, and his additional work as an author and privately-practicing psychologist (licensed in both New York and Connecticut) is remarkable.

4:24 How you feel about the way you feel

5:56 Focusing too much on the cause of the anxiety only produces more anxiety

6:51 How to look at your anxiety from another angle

11:49 The harder you try to push the anxiety away, the harder it comes back

14:30 How copings skills relate to overcoming anxiety

15:35 Coping skills and how to overcome anxieties or phobias

17:17 Avoiding avoidance’s

19:30 Every time you feel anxiety is a time to celebrate because it means another chance to practice coping skills.

26:36 Exposure especially may create feelings of self criticism.

33:21 Put my foot on their tush and push!

35:04 Takes courage to overcome anxiety disorders

39:33 Being proud of individuals who overcome their anxiety disorders.

41:43 The mind is a wonderful servant but a poor Master

42:17 Humor is a good sign of progress

42:32 A realistic way to look at recovery

45:45 Tolerable thoughts versus intolerable thoughts

47:14 Recovery doesn’t feel exceptional. It feels ordinary

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