#13 OCD in the Time of Coronavirus – Real Therapy Session Part 2 of 4 w/ Stephanie

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In this episode patient “Stephanie” gives Dr. Maggie an update on her OCD – how she’s managing her OCD in the time of Coronavirus, how she’s dealing with relationship OCD, and how she’s managing her triggers and thoughts. This is the second in a four-part series following “Stephanie”s progress.

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1:13 – Recap of last episode

1:39 – An update on Stephanie’s current situation

5:15 – The need to get things ‘Just Right’

7:20 – Procrastination and OCD

9:48 – When does it reach a clinical level?

13:39 – Learning to relax with incompleteness

17:44 – The hardest part of living with OCD and Relationship OCD

24:03 – Different themes, different feelings, and sitting with the feelings

30:07 – Committing to the next steps of coping with OCD

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