#16 When Is the Best Time to Seek Therapy? – Real Therapy Session Part 1 of 4 w/ Nicole

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In this video, we talk to ‘Nicole’ and her experience in Psychotherapy. She talks about her anxiety, self-criticism tendencies, and how she’s dealing with loneliness in the time of COVID-19.

1:09 Getting to know Nicole

4:53 When is the best time to seek psychotherapy?

6:32 Psychotherapy vs Talking to a friend

8:34 Does everyone think the same way?

12:16 Attitude changes Nicole did to help with her anxiety

14:19 The function of self-criticism

17:21 What changed after Nicole’s psychotherapy?

21:02 Managing relationships post psychotherapy

23:13 Dealing with loneliness

25:12 What changed for Nicole

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