#22 Why Avoidance Always Backfires – Real Therapy Session Part 3 of 4 w/ Dr. Anja Schmitz, Chief Clinical Officer at Kip

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Have you ever wondered why certain feelings seem to just keep coming back, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them? In this, the third installment of our four-part series, Dr. Anja Schmitz, a licensed clinical psychologist and Chief Clinical Officer at Kip, explains why experiential avoidance is counter-productive, and offers some powerful tools to get you realigned to what really matters to you.

Our goal is to show everyone that they are not alone, there is nothing wrong with them, and help guide them to a more peaceful and enjoyable way of life so if you feel any benefit from this episode please let us know by leaving an iTunes review, sharing this episode on social media and emailing a link to anyone you think would also find benefit here. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or therapist before attempting any strategies shared.

0:25 – Jim’s strides around emotional awareness

2:00 – Experiential avoidance & ACT

10:20 – The pink elephant exercise

14:14 – The shark tank exercise

18:30 – Values

23:20 – Avoiding the “should” trap

25:20 – What lies beneath your anxiety

27:30 – How sticky content can reveal your values

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