#24 A Little Success Goes a Long Way – Real Therapy Session w/ “John” Part 1 of 4

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In the first of this 4-part real therapy series, patient “John” explains to Dr. Maggie how exposure therapy helped him go from being terrified to eat with his hands to bravely doing the things he wants to do, and even trying new and scary things like volunteering to be on this podcast!

Our goal is to show everyone that they are not alone, there is nothing wrong with them, and help guide them to a more peaceful and enjoyable way of life so if you feel any benefit from this episode please let us know by leaving an iTunes review, sharing this episode on social media and emailing a link to anyone you think would also find benefit here. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or therapist before attempting any strategies shared.

1:00 – What are the fears underpinning social anxiety?

2:00 – Handling difficulty in opening up in therapy

7:00 – The content “John” struggled with most: not being about to eat with his hands

11:30 – Managing anticipatory anxiety

12:30 – All about acceptance

14:15 – Being a good person

17:00 – Embracing assertiveness

22:00 – The importance of experimentation

23:30 – Challenging self-judgment

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