#27 You Can Handle More Than You Think – Real Therapy Session w/ Patient “John” Part 4 of 4

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Five years ago, how well would you have thought you’d be able to navigate everything you’re dealing with right now? A global pandemic, natural disasters, political turmoil… not to mention whatever’s going on in your personal life. OCD and anxiety patient “John” has been pleasantly surprised at his own resilience and ability to cope with it all, and that resilience gives him hope, hope he’d like to pass on to you. And starting this week, we’re adding a new feature: Dr. Maggie shares actionable insights on how to get the most out of the podcast, and out of therapy, in her Therapeutic Attitude Newsletter. This week’s topic: inviting self-acceptance.

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Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or therapist before attempting any strategies shared.

1:26 – Mind-body connection

4:14 – Trusting your ability to handle difficult conversations

5:50 – Anger

8:59 – Shifting into problem solving

11:34 – Sitting with the feelings

15:18 – Perfectionism

17:17 – Effect of a depressed parent

19:40 – A template for dealing with sadness

23:46 – Therapeutic Attitude Newsletter: what we resist, persists

26:23 – Cultivating curiosity

28:05 – Suffering is pain + resistance

29:12 – How to restore self-trust

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