#33 All Accept Anxiety – Wrap-Up Therapy Session w/ Patient “Jim”

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We know that what we resist, persists, and that anxiety is a pursuer: as soon as we run, that’s when it really comes for us. But how do we begin to accept anxiety? How do we not only confront it, but show up for it, and even embrace it? Patient “Jim” is back to share some of his best tools for anxiety acceptance and how he’s been making use of them since his four-part series on the show.

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Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or therapist before attempting any strategies shared.

1:45 – Creeping perfectionism

3:15 – Emotional perfectionism

5:42 – Worry voice and false comfort

7:36 – Different content areas behave differently

8:08 – Financial anxiety

9:56 – From fear to fusion

15:20 – Using experimentation

16:46 – Avoiding the what-if spiral

20:12 – Building on existing confidence

20:53 – Anticipatory anxiety

25:56 – The three phases of anxiety

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