#39 Anxious to Thrive: 5 Core Principles to Overcome Anxiety & OCD

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The holiday season is a busy, and often an anxious time, for a lot of us. So Dr. Maggie is getting straight to the heart of how to overcome an anxiety disorder and OCD with these 5 core principles. In this short lecture series, you’ll learn how to adopt an attitude of willing acceptance, go toward an anxious moment instead of withdrawing, embrace uncertainty, avoid your avoidances, and increase your awareness of opportunities to practice your emotional freedom toolset.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or therapist before attempting any strategies shared.

1:36 – Anxiety state vs. anxiety disorder

2:28 – Panic disorder

2:38 – Social anxiety

4:26 – Exposure and response prevention

9:44 – External triggers

10:13 – Internal triggers

11:49 – Feeling hopeless, helpless, or worthless

13:25 – Why it’s worth it to go toward the anxious moment

14:32 – Anticipatory anxiety

15:35 – Situational anxiety

16:15 – Post-event processing

18:11 – Fearful anticipation of uncertainty

20:02 – Behavioral strategies for handling uncertainty

23:44 – How not to undermine yourself

25:01 – Re-interpreting anxiety as excitement

28:38 – Commit to the process, not the outcome

32:02 – Be as patient with yourself as you would with a child

35:57 – Self-criticism

36:53 – Numbing out

37:51 – Helpful & compassionate self-talk around anxiety & OCD

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