#40 You Can’t Spell COVID Without OCD, Real Therapy Session w/ Patient “Larisa,” Part 1 of 4

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Even before COVID, today’s guest “Larisa” (a real OCD & Anxiety patient in the Huddle.care program) was uncomfortable with going against the grain and worried that something terrible might happen if she stepped out of line, spoke out of turn, or failed to over-prepare for anything that might come up. But thanks to Dr. Maggie and Huddle, “Larisa” is getting comfortable with discomfort, avoiding avoidance, and transforming from a conflict-averse people-pleaser to finding real satisfaction in speaking her mind and being real with the people she cares about.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or therapist before attempting any strategies shared.

1:34 – Learning to recognize the anxious moment

1:47 – You can’t spell COVID w/out OCD

5:29 – All about uncertainty

6:36 – Preparing for the anxious moment

9:04 – The mindshift to mindfulness

10:41 – Learning the language around OCD & anxiety

11:59 – The genetic component of OCD & anxiety

14:00 – OCD inside & out

19:04 – Types of avoidance

19:49 – Looking beyond the surface feeling

21:08 – Self-observation beyond anxiety

22:39 – When to be still vs. when to take action

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