#41 Exercise Caution, Real Therapy Session w/ Patient “Larisa,” Part 2 of 4

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Q: When is exercise unhealthy?

A: When it’s a compulsion to be challenged and resisted!

In this, our second session with real OCD and anxiety patient “Larisa,” Dr. Maggie reminds us that anything can be a compulsion, and anything can be an exposure, depending on how it functions for you. Even “good” and “healthy” behaviors can become problematic when we use them to avoid anxiety or emotional processing.

This month, we’re focusing on preparing for the anxious moment and trigger awareness. As you listen, think about some of your most common triggers, both internal and external, and what behavior those triggers compel you to engage in. For extra credit, ask yourself what the opposite of that activity would be.

Feeling brave? Try sharing one of your triggers in the comments!

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or therapist before attempting any strategies shared.

1:58 – The truth about triggers

4:56 – Internal vs. external triggers

9:16 – “Did I just hit someone??”

12:53 – That “just right” thinking

15:00 – 3 types of triggers

16:56 – Harm OCD & Over-responsibility

19:38 – Education

20:30 – Motivation

20:50 – Belief awareness

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