#42 United We Thrive, Real Group Therapy Session w/ Patients “Patrice,” “Jared,” “Scout” & “Sophie”

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OCD and anxiety can make us feel like we’re alone in the world, especially when events beyond our control start popping up in our news feed. But attending group therapy like huddle.care, and listening to this podcast are two great ways to remind ourselves that we are never alone, and that there’s no need to suffer in solitude. United, we thrive!

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or therapist before attempting any strategies shared.

4:00 – Allow others to take care of themselves

5:54 – Procrastination

9:33 – Relationship OCD

11:38 – Harm and contamination OCD

14:00 – Using values to relate effectively to anxiety

17:15 – Self-criticism & switching your self talk

22:34 – Looking forward to the future

25:04 – Getting & staying unstuck

28:09 – The importance of routine

32:16 – What it’s like to live with harm OCD

36:29 – Commitments & hope

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I’m your host Dr. Maggie Perry, a licensed psychologist with a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. I am also the founder of the online group therapy platform Huddle.care.

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