#45 Procrastination & Perfectionism; Two Sides of the Same Coin: Real Therapy Session w/ Patient “Catherine,” Part 2 of 4

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People often think of perfectionists as people who deliver perfect results. But the reality is that the compulsion to perform every task perfectly often results in avoidance, anxiety, and procrastination leading to late, incomplete, or altogether absent outcomes. If you have trouble getting started on tasks, that doesn’t mean you’re lazy, it could mean you’re struggling with clinical perfectionism. But don’t panic, huddle.care is here to help!

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or therapist before attempting any strategies shared.

2:59 – Procrastination & perfectionism

3:56 – Lowering the stakes

6:40 – Inviting a flexibility mindset

7:36 – The role of regret

11:35 – The contamination mindest

12:38 – Injecting flexibility into your routine

16:14 – How to do an effective exposure around procrastination

18:17 – Preparing for the urge to procrastinate

19:57 – Anticipatory anxiety is not a prediction

21:32 – The role of self-worth in procrastination & perfectionism

23:56 – The problem with seeking external reassurance of your worthiness

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